What is an Artist Bear

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What is an Artist Bear 1

So, what is an Artist Bear?

Artist bears are Teddy Bears that are designed and hand finished by one artist. The bears are usually one-of-a-kind or are made in limited quantities. This makes them highly valued by bear collectors.

You may ask, “what makes award-winning artist bears different from any other bears”? The answer comes in several parts. The artist that creates each piece has dedicated their heart and soul to professionally design original works of art! Each artist has achieved the standards set by the industry, and has received awards for their work. The bears speak to your heart, and hopefully bring a smile to your face. Because of their uniqueness and the limited availability, the price is usually a bit higher.

Have you ever wondered how an artist bear is created? Each one-of-a-kind Warm Heart Bear (and animal) is created individually by hand. Let’s walk through the process.

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Once the pattern, which is unique to Warm Heart Bears, has been created the pieces are hand cut from mohair or sassy fur. Then they are sewing one stitch at a time by hand.

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After sewing and turning them to the furry side, they are then stuffed and jointed.

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Now it is time to bring the bear to life by trimming and sculpting the face. Adding the eyes and shading details. At the same time, thoughts go to the outfits the bear will wear, as fabrics are considered.

 What is an Artist Bear 7


Once the outfit has been created, trims and embellishments are added. A mixture of new and antique lace and trims are considered. Rhinestone jewelry is used to add a sparkle to the bear. Sweaters, dresses and rompers are knitted by hand using mohair and hand-dyed yarns. When they are completed, they are photographed and their details are written. 

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They are then placed in hiding until their debut at online shows or are made available in the bear shop.

I hope you have enjoyed learning how a Warm Heart Bear is created. Let me introduce you to Jenny, who is now available for adoption in the bear shop.

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