Below you will find information about the 2022 Online Bear Shows.

When shopping online:

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With one-of-a-kind pieces it is possible to have the item in your cart and still miss out if another person completes the purchase more swiftly. I do apologize for any disappointments and thank you for your understanding. With this situation there is no perfect way.

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Winter Stars

Winter Stars is sponsored by Valerie at Bright Star Promotions.

This show presents our collection called Grandma’s Kitchen. There will be 12 “Brand New” bears and animals available for adoption.

Because things to sell quite quickly, please remember to attend the show at the start. Be sure to make note that the start and end times are in the eastern time zone.

Grandma’s kitchen is the heart of the home, the source of the good aromas that brings the family together. A place where hugs, cookies and sweets are always free

Welcome to Grandma’s Kitchen

Meet Audrey

She along with 11 other “Brand New” bears and animals will be available for adoption on February 4th.

2021 Show Dates
All Times on Calendar are eastern time
Please mark your calendars!
Winter Stars – February 4-7
Bear Hugs 4u – March 11-13
Wildlife & Teddies – April 8-11
Spring Stars – May 13-16
Furry Frenzy – June 17-20
Bear Hugs 4u – July 8-10
Summer Sizzler – August 5-8
Fall Stars – September 9-12
Bear Hugs 4u – September 30-October 2
Holiday Stars – November 4-7
Bear Hugs 4u – November 25-27
Bear Blitz – December 2-5