Be sure to make note of the dates and start times. All times are quoted in the Eastern time zone. Because things to sell quite quickly, please remember to attend the show at the start. At the bottom of the page are instructions on how to purchase a bear at the show.

Available in June - Teddy Bear & Doll Show


Voting begins at 10 am eastern time on May 22nd!

The Flamingo Bay Collection

The 2023 Flamingo Bay Collection celebrates Summer sunshine and beautiful pink flamingos.

Flamingo Bay looked as ridiculously beautiful as every Caribbean island, the colors almost too intense to be true. There was the dazzling blue of the ocean, the immaculate white beaches, the rich, elemental green of the pine trees and rainforest adorned by the beautiful emerald green Bell Channel Waterway,

Ferryboats leave from the dock every hour on the hour to take you on a ride around the paradise that is home to flocks of flamingos and tropical fish. The sunsets at Flamingo Bay are nothing less than breathtaking.

The flamingo symbolism and meaning include beauty, balance, potential, and romance. Frequently, these meanings emerge from the striking characteristics they have. Life balance: their effortless grace and ability to stand on one leg represent balance and harmony.

Meet Shelly

She along with 5 other Brand New Bears and Animals will be ready for adoption at this show.

The show begins promptly at 12 noon eastern time. Be sure to shop early to choose your favorites.

Available in June - Furry Frenzy


Cause a little bit of Summer is what the whole year is all about. John Mayer

More information coming soon!

The Summer House Collection

The 2023 Summer House Collection celebrates Summer vacation and holidays

Sing a song of Summer, a time all bright and green; while overhead an azure sky adds it’s color to the scene. Along pathways and fences, gold dandelions appear, and blend with white daisies that are blooming everywhere. In the woods wild creatures enjoy the Summer, too; So sing along with nature as the Summer days pass through.

2023 Show Dates

All times are eastern time

Spring Stars – May 12-15
TBDI Show – June 2-4
Furry Frenzy – June 16-19
Bear Hugs 4u – July 14-16
Summer Sizzler – August 4-7
Fall Stars – September 8-11
Bear Hugs 4u – October 6-8
Holiday Stars – November 3-6
Bear Hugs 4u – November 24-26
Bear Blitz – December 1-4

To Purchase a Bear at the Show

Below you will find information about the 2023 Online Bear Shows.

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With one-of-a-kind pieces it is possible to have the item in your cart and still miss out if another person completes the purchase more swiftly. I do apologize for any disappointments and thank you for your understanding. With this situation there is no perfect way.

Only US shipping is available.