Be sure to make note of the dates and start times. All times are quoted in the Eastern time zone. Because things to sell quite quickly, please remember to attend the show at the start. At the bottom of the page are instructions on how to purchase a bear at the show.

On the Website

Bear of the Month

The 2024 Bear of the Month Collection is called

All that Glitters

Available in July

Inspired by glittering gems, each month in 2024 a brand new bear will be created in celebration of the birthstone of the month.

The July Birthstone is the Ruby.

The Ruby is a symbol of love, passion, protection and prosperity.

Birthstones in 2024

July 1, 2024 Ruby Bear of the Month
August 1, 2024 Peridot Bear of the Month
September 1, 2024 Sapphire Bear of the Month
October 1, 2024 Opal Bear of the Month
November 1, 2024 Topaz Bear of the Month
December 1, 2024 Turquoise Bear of the Month

Online Bear Show - July 2024

Ice Cream Social Collection

The 2024 Ice Cream Social Collection invites you to a gathering with sweet treats for Summer.

Summer was about waffle cones made tall with three scoops and toppings galore. They were storybook perfect and those days in the sun became such warm memories.

More information available in June.

Gelato and sunshine, the sweetest of coastal memories

Sneak peek coming in a couple of weeks.

Website Bear Show - August 2024

Bea's Cafe & Bakery Collection

The 2024 Bea’s Cafe Collection at Warm Heart Bears celebrates the sweet honey bee.

Bees fill their chambers with sweet amber fluid. In the darkness of the hive it could be any color, but as soon as sunlight hits the hexagons they will all be golden. The honey will taste of the clover that fills the meadows nearby and brighten every morning right through the winter.

Into the honeyed light of day come the bees, blessing each flower as they pass

More information coming soon.

2024 Online Bear Shows

Warm Heart Bears will be taking part in five online bear shows in 2024.
These shows are hosted by Dolores at BearHugs4U.
July 19-21, 2024 Ice Cream Social
October 11-13, 2024 Autumn Masquerade
November 29 – December 1, 2024 Vintage Christmas
June 2024

Website Bear Shows

In addition to the online bear shows, we will host mini seasonal shows here on the website.
August 1, 2024 Bea’s Cafe
September 1, 2024 Seeds of Gratitude
December 1, 2024 A Snowy Afternoon

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