Be sure to make note of the dates and start times. All times are quoted in the Eastern time zone. Because things to sell quite quickly, please remember to attend the show at the start. At the bottom of the page are instructions on how to purchase a bear at the show.

Available in April

Wildlife and Teddies Online Show

More Information coming soon

Cottage Garden Collection

The 2023 Cottage Garden Collection brings to mind beautiful flowers and the little friends that visit every year.

Anyone who has ever loved a garden knows the sense of limitless possibility that comes bundled into little packets of seeds. Planting seeds is always an act of faith, and watching them burst into life is always a reason for excitement and wonder. As gardens burst into bloom they can count on little friends to appear. Robins, ladybugs and honey bees are the gardeners companions. These busy little friends grind a lot of life and joy everywhere they go.

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow. Audrey Hepburn

2023 Show Dates

All times are eastern time

Wildlife and Teddies – April 14-17
Spring Stars – May 12-15
TBDI Show – June 2-4
Furry Frenzy – June 16-19
Bear Hugs 4u – July 14-16
Summer Sizzler – August 4-7
Fall Stars – September 8-11
Bear Hugs 4u – October 6-8
Holiday Stars – November 3-6
Bear Hugs 4u – November 24-26
Bear Blitz – December 1-4

To Purchase a Bear at the Show

Below you will find information about the 2023 Online Bear Shows.

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