Our Collectors

Warm Heart Bears are living all over the world.
  From time to time you will find Warm Heart Dolls too.
They are very rare but they can be found in several collectors homes.

Here are a few photos from our customers.

Clarissa and Felicia2 Kathryn Ison
Clarissa was created as a special request for Kathryn. She is now living in Ohio. Clarissa and Felicia have become best friends.


Charleen arrived yesterday and she is just beautiful!  Her expression is so adorable – I love her hat! – and she is such a delicate little thing!  I bought her because I am starting to build a shabby chic cottage based on Caroline Dupuis’ blog, Cinderella Moments, and she is the exact size to inhabit the home.  She is the perfect inspiration I need to create a place for her that she will love.  I am so excited to be a girl again at my age, to have an adult dollhouse for Charleen.  Thank you for the beautiful creation!

Julie in Colorado has a lovely collection
Living in New York with Betsy
In Pennsylvania with Gwen
In Australia with Heather

Special Gifts

Created for Cindy

Ivy was a special little bear created for Cindy.
She is right at home with all of her girls


Claudette was adopted by Cindy too. Cindy Wrote: Yesterday someone new arrived at my studio.  Her name is Claudette and she’s a giraffe—that is, a handmade mohair giraffe made by Carolyn at Warm Heart Bears.  I couldn’t resist her sweet face.  I tried, I really did, but couldn’t do it, so I adopted her.  Now she lives here with me… and my other girls and animal friends.

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Created for Caroline 

Octavia was a special little bear created for Caroline.
She wrote:  “In the mist of all the construction, came a lovely surprise from Carolyn Robbins of Warm Heart Bears.  It’s Octavia!” Read More

Octavia gift pw
Caroline Octavia 1
Caroline Octavia 4

Created for Rebecca

Rachelle was a special gift for Rebecca! She wrote”God is always on time. And He sends the most unbelievable blessings my way just in case I tend to forget it. Read More

From Our Customers
O’Connor is absolutely gorgeous! I loved him in the pictures but he is even more beautiful than I could have imagined