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Meet Crispin, the Autumn Clown
One-of-a-kind by Carolyn Robbins
The name Crispin is Latin – meaning curly haired
5 1/2 inches’ tall when standing
(Measurements are approximate)
Hand dyed German mohair with cotton print paw pads;
Fully jointed; glass eyes
Face needle sculpted with shaded details;
Stitched nose with shimmer added
Filled with poly cotton and steel shot for the weight
Accessories and clothes:
Wearing a tulle collar with bead buttons; cotton print and tulle hat. Comes with a pumpkin filled with kisses.
Too Cute to Spook Collection:
The trees are laughing once more, dressed in their carnival clothes, the gold and scarlet of the autumn days. Take in the fresh calm air with that hint of an earthly aroma, the fragrance of homeliness. The front door is wrapped in orange lights that look like miniature pumpkins.
Jack O'lanterns line the street as varied as the imaginations of their carvers and no two are exactly alike. They are aglow and flickering into the biting Halloween night air, greeting the costumed children who skitter from house to house.
When the candy runs out, the candles are extinguished…and the jack O'lanterns sit glum and silent, the memories will live on in the hearts of the children who are "too cute to spook" and another Halloween draws to a close.
There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight
Crispin will arrive carefully boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Her “soul” purpose is to make you smile!
All bears and animals are not intended for children small