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Additional information

Weight 3 oz


Meet Chloe

Handmade Collectible – One-of-a-kind by Carolyn Robbins

The name Chloe is Greek, meaning blooming



3 1/2 inches’ tall when standing (Measurements are approximate)



Sassy fur with cotton print paw pads

Fully jointed; glass eyes

Face needle sculpted with shaded details

Stitched nose with sparkle added

Filled with poly cotton, a light lavender fragrance, and steel shot for the weight


Accessories and clothes:

Wearing a hand knitted, embroidered and beaded romper

Comes with a two tiny bunnies


Easter Collection

“So I close my eyes to old ends, and open my heart to new beginnings” Let today be the start of something new!



Chloe will arrive carefully boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Her “soul” purpose is to make you smile!

All bears and animals are not intended for small children