New Beginnings Collection

Posted March 19, 2018 by Carolyn Robbins in Collections / 0 Comments

The “New Beginnings Collection”. Created with bears, ducks, lambs and kittens in mind. Each Spring is a sort of New Beginning. With the new season awakening, it inspires us to begin again.

“So I close my eyes to old ends, and open my heart to new beginnings” Let today be the start of something new!

I enjoyed working on this collection. Creating new ducks and lambs was a lot of fun and challenged my creativity.  I hope you will enjoy each and every piece in this collection. Thank you for visiting with us today. ~Hugs, Carolyn

About the Collection

These two friends just love to visit the local shops and decided to meet at the Flower shop. Shopping day is so much fun that Frances mentioned, “I have to make a list of the places we want to go today because each of us has a special shop that we want to visit”.

Lexie and Lulabelle are the best of friends. Lexie put on her special dress this morning and met Lulabelle at the tea shop. They went next door to the flower shop to buy a special plant for their friend. Lexie mentioned, “I think our friend would love the purple one for her table”.

When Tressa visited the local garden center she found this lovely garden sign. “I cannot wait to put this in my garden by my carrots! I think it would look lovely and help me figure out where I planted things”.

Tenley could not wait to meet her friends for tea this morning. They enjoyed their time together and when they were finished, she went to the garden center. “I want to purchase a lovely birdcage for my best birdie friends. I think I like the white one the best”.

Millie wants to plant a garden this year. “My favorite things are carrots, strawberries and watermelon. I also want to plant some flowers, but do not know which ones I like the best. Maybe the nice lady in this flower show can help me decide”.

Eva went shopping for some beautiful additions to her garden. She found this flower shop and said, “Look at that beautiful arbor! I would love to have one of those in my garden. I could put it right next to my garden gate where I have my Cherry Tree”.

Daniel and Andrew are the best of brothers. They love to go outside and play in the garden. Last week while they were exploring, Daniel told Andrew “Look at that cute bunny! Let’s play with him and see what he likes to do in the garden”. Andrew replied, “Look he must like those pink flowers because he looks like he wants us to smell them”.

Calvin loves Easter and enjoys spending the warmer days with his bunny friend. “Each day my favorite bunny visits me in the garden, and we go exploring together”, Calvin said. “One day we found this beautiful egg behind a flower bush”.

Golda went shopping last week and found this lovely hat. “I just love the tiny flowers on the hat and Luna told me they were just so tiny”!

Mae loves to collect decorative eggs. She was so excited when she came home from her shopping trip! She told me, “I saw so many beautiful eggs and had such a hard time choosing one to add to my collection until I saw this one – and I just knew it was the one”!