Heartfelt Collection

Posted March 8, 2018 by Carolyn Robbins in Collections / 0 Comments

The “Heartfelt Collection” celebrating romance made it’s debut Friday, February 2, 2018 at the Winter Stars Online Bear Show. Here are a few of our bears and animals that found homes. Thank you to all of you who brought a new friend into your heart.

Romance is in the air and Valentine’s day is a refreshing event during a snowy time of the year. All the reds and pinks warm your heart. Creating the Heartfelt Collection was so much fun! Each little bear and animal brings joy to each collector and visitor alike.

Thank you for visiting with us today. ~Hugs, Carolyn~

About the Collection

The other day, Joella reminded me of the Sound of Music when she said, “I remember those special moments that took place in a gazebo on the Sound of Music”.

Being an Angel of Love for Breast Cancer Awareness, Nicoletta said, “spreading love and encouragement to those ladies going through a difficult time, brings joy to my heart”. A portion of Nicoletta’s adoption fee goes to support Breast Cancer Research.

Lydia loves to celebrate Valentine’s day. She said, “I so enjoy all the hearts and flowers that come out at this time of the year! Not to mention all the delicious goodies to taste, my favorite being macarons from France”.

Young love, well love at any age is so special. Juliet mentioned, “Valentine’s day is a time I think about Romeo and Juliet, and I am so glad I am named after a quite famous lady. I love my new dress and special pillow. My new heart pendant is so special and inspires a loving heart”.

When Romeo met his Juliet he said, “she is so special to me, when I saw her I fell in love”! He could not wait to bring her chocolate and flowers.

Recently Suzette began playing cards with her friends, and she was always drawn to the Queen of Hearts. She said, “The queen of hearts reminds me of love and romance, and is such a cheery looking queen. I so wanted to become the Queen of Hearts for Valentine’s Day and share love with my friends”.

When Claudette got her dress she said, “I feel so pretty and am glad I have this beautiful box to sit upon. Kind of reminds me of Miss Muffet, although I have a heart instead of a spider”!

Desiree enjoys watching the movie Letters to Juliet. She told me, I have a tradition each year at Valentine’s Day to write letters to my friends while I watch that movie. I wonder what it was like for a lady to receive an encouraging letter from Juliet?

Hearts and flowers are staples at Valentine’s Day. Fleurette told me, “I am so excited to gather together this year with my friends for our traditional Valentine’s Day tea! We have lots of delicious treats and so many flowers to decorate our table”.

When Rochelle heard the poem “Key to my Heart” by Nicole C Moore, she said, “I love the words of this little poem, it goes something like this: Late at night when I’m sound asleep, Into my heart you softly creep. I sit and wonder how it could be, but you must have stumbled across the key. This key holds the secret to true love and more, so take it now and unlock the door. And I pray that we will never part, now that you have the key to my heart”.