Bristol Bear Awards

Posted June 11, 2018 by Carolyn Robbins in News / 0 Comments

We have some exciting news to share with you. Several Warm Heart Bears have been received recognition in the Bristol Bear Awards for 2018. We are so thankful to all of the judges for recognizing these Warm Heart Bears and Animals.

By clicking on the bear below, you can read more about these bears on the 115 Years Artist Bears awards website.










Category A2 – Read all About It – Any character in Literature

Neezer received Highly Commended by Sebastian Marquardt.


Category B3 – Whimsical or Contemporary

Adelina received Highly Commended by Sebastian Marquardt.


Category C1 – Best Artist Miniature Bear

Douglas received Excellent by Jo MacDonald


Category C2 – Best Artist Miniature Animal

Jacks received Exceptional by Jena Peng


Category C3- Best Artist Miniature Tableau

Eliza, Thomas and Myrtle received Highly Commended by R. John Wright


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