Bears Bunnnies and Birds

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The “Bears, Bunnies and Birds Collection”. “Bears, Bunnies and Birds are like angels – they have a way of finding people who need them, and filling an emptiness we didn’t even know we had.

Spring is such a lovely time of the year. Going from snowy days to warmer weather and birds beginning to chirp, brings such peaceful sounds. A time when we begin to think of new births and babies.

With the Bears, Bunnies and Birds, Oh My! Online Bear Show came a challenge to create little birds. I so enjoyed this challenge, and called upon my love of Carolyn Shores Wright illustrations. Her birds were my inspiration to create new Warm Heart Birds. I do hope you will enjoy them and would love to read your comments. If you are interested in seeing more, please do let me know. I have lots of other designs floating around in my head.

Thank you for visiting with us today. ~Hugs, Carolyn~

About the Collection

These three friends are ready for the local Easter Parade! Eliza mentioned, “We have been planning our participation in the parade for a long time and cannot wait to enjoy the day seeing all of our friends”!

Jasmine enjoys spring so much she told me “I cannot wait for the flowers to bloom in my garden. I found these beautiful pink ones at my favorite flower shop”. Isabel so enjoys watching the birds in her yard. Last week she said “Guess what I saw at my bird feeder? It was a beautiful white dove”!

On the way to the garden center, Gena mentioned that “I just love birds and am looking for a beautiful birdcage to put in my window.”

Isabel so enjoys watching the birds in her yard. Last week she said “Guess what I saw at my bird feeder? It was a beautiful white dove”!

The other day Lillian was looking out her window when she said, “I love it when all the birds return in the Spring. They wake me each morning with their singing”.

These two friends are so excited to explore the world around them, Macie tweeted, “I love sunshine and all the new adventures we are about to have”

Last week, Maybelle mentioned, “The garden flowers this year are going to be beautiful, and I cannot wait for them to begin growing again”

When Roxie got her new dress she said, “I just love the sparkly trim! This dress makes me feel so pretty”.

While looking for the perfect flowers, Serene said, “I love hydrangeas of all colors, but I have not seen such beautiful peachy pink ones before”.

While shopping for a special friend to put in her gazebo, Ruth said, “I am looking for a special little girl to decorate my garden and I think I have found just the right one”.