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Meet Ellie
One-of-a-kind by Carolyn Robbins
The name Ellie is English – meaning shining light
5 3/4 inches’ tall when standing (Measurements are approximate)
German mohair with cotton print paw pads; Fully jointed; glass eyes
Face needle sculpted with shaded details;
Filled with poly cotton and steel shot for the weight
Accessories and clothes:
Wearing a cotton print ruffle with rose. Cotton print pumpkin hat. Comes with a tiny journal.
Hope Collection:
Hope is a bright star in a hopelessly dark universe. It is not just an emotion, but a promise that better days are just around the corner. Hope comes to the person who sees beyond the present defeat, beyond the moment of being cast down, and beyond the negative words of the hopeless around us. A still small voice within that tells us to look beyond the darkness - to the bright light of hope.
At the bottom of the wishing well lie hundreds of pennies, some green with age and others still that shiny brown. Glancing down at them through the clear water - each one a heartfelt wish or prayer. Each one represented pain and hope. Toss in another penny and watch it sink to join the others. We all need hope, even if it's just pennies in a well."
Hope is the little voice you hear whisper “maybe”, when it seems the entire world is shouting “NO”
Ellie will arrive carefully boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Her “soul” purpose is to make you smile!
All bears and animals are not intended for children small