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One-of-a-kind by Carolyn Robbins
The name Annah is Hebrew meaning favored
6 inches’ tall when standing (Measurements are approximate)
German mohair with cotton print paw pads; Fully jointed; glass eyes
Face needle sculpted with shaded details; Stitched nose with shimmer added
Filled with poly cotton, a light lavender fragrance, and steel shot for the weight
Accessories and clothes:
Cotton print dress, felt hat and hand knitted cape. Comes with a wool felt flower and beaded pumpkin.

Masterpiece Collection
The carpenter is an artist and a builder. There are times he lifts lumber to make some vast structure, and other times he is absorbed into the finest of detail. Like a chef that savors every drop, he is keen to use all that is given so graciously. With his heart and hands, he honors the tree that was, and he gives its beauty a new life.
We are all born with marvelous talents as if they were tree seeds in need of water, of love and nurture, somewhere to put down roots and belong. And in that way the carpenter is as the seed who grew wild and free, all the while being sculpted by a higher hand...
Imagine a light source within a diamond of pure clarity, one light, one source... forming a kaleidoscope of dancing rainbows. We are the same, souls from one source of love that shines through us to make our individuality. Our uniqueness growing in beauty and strength, and we are the diamonds, born to shine as stars.
The Masterpiece
My life is an empty canvas Lord; I place it in Your hands
All of my paint and brushes, are under your command.
Let it tell a story, every brush stroke, every line
Of everything I have gained in You, and all I've left behind.
The times I stood up straight and tall, singing, "I shall not be moved!"
Those times I turned back from the fight, and came running straight to you.
You formed me in my Mother's womb, you knew me even then
Who could better paint my life, from where it first began?
So, when my life is over, and the picture is complete
It will be more than just a painting; it will be a Master-piece.
Annah will arrive carefully boxed with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Her “soul” purpose is to make you smile!
All bears and animals are not intended for small children


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