Meet Carolyn

From childhood, hand crafts have always been a part of my life. I do not remember many teddy bears growing up, but the few I did have made an impression on me. My husband and I have been married for 42 years and are proud parents of a daughter and grandparents of a grand-daughter and grand-son. We live in my native Colorado, with our three cats, Molly, Zoe and Indy.

My journey as a teddy bear maker

Being completely self-taught, I have the freedom to design original patterns and accessories. Today things made by hand are rare. They represent a love of craftsmanship, inspired by a tradition of artistry, handed down over generations. Every stitch, every detail represents a passion and a love to create something one of a kind.

The attention to detail and having an eye for what is beautiful and unique makes a piece special. I love to add small details to each original piece to give it a “unique” character. My goal is to bring a tradition of quality of good taste to all the bears and animals I create.

Giving Back

Did you know Warm Heart Bears supports Ovarian Cancer Research? Each September, and throughout the year, we try to Give Back by creating special teal bears. A portion of their adoption fee is given to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance. I hope you will consider supporting Ovarian Cancer Research in some way. Your adoption of one of our special bears would be one way you could help many people.

About the Bears

Warm Heart Bears is a small one artist company creating unique teddy bears from start to finish by Award Winning artist Carolyn Robbins.

~ Teddy Bears and Animals created for the adult collector and are not toys ~

Warm Heart Bears are created to bring love, joy and a smile into your life.

Our bears are identified by a heartfelt attention to detail, that creates a unique character. Every stitch, every detail, represents a passion and a love to create something that is uniquely one of a kind.

Please visit our FAQ page for specific ordering information. Should you have any other questions, please contact us.

Warm Heart Bears are made from traditional bear crafting techniques that have been mastered during more than two decades of bear making.

From the design process to the finished product, each bear and animal is completely created by hand using our own original patterns. Sourcing fabrics and accessories – some made by hand, photographing, packing and posting, correspondence and web design are all handled by Carolyn.

Along with bears, animals and dolls are created from time to time and they are all identified by a heartfelt attention to fine details that create a unique character.

Every stitch, every detail represents a passion and a love to create something one of a kind. These teddy bears are filled with hope and love, crafted from the heart, especially for you.

We hope you will enjoy meeting the bears, animals and dolls. May they “Warm your Heart” for many years to come.

Award Winners

Over the years, several Warm Heart Bears and Animals have received excellence awards. Some competitions are judged by the collectors and being chosen as a favorite is the highest compliment one can receive.

There are so many talented artists who create wonderful bears and friends. Congratulations goes to all of you who have entered competitions. You are all winners, as you had the courage to enter one of your creations! Please keep creating your special bears and friends, as your work continues to challenge and inspire me.