2021 Whispers of Winter Collection

The 2021 Sweet Christmas Collection brings back memories of childhood.

Times with family while baking for Christmas are the sweetest of all the season.

Memories of rolling and cutting sugar cookie dough into favorite shapes while the  Christmas music plays, then icing them afterwards in all kinds of bright colors.

Homemade gingerbread men, with chocolate chips for eyes, frosting lace, and sprinkled with colored sugar, were so fun to make. But the best part of all was eating them with Italian hot chocolate to dunk them in, Yum!

If you asked Nana what a Christmas dessert was, she wouldn’t miss a beat, “Mulled wine and mince pie.” I guess the things we come to love in childhood stick with us, they have the power to bring back good memories and lift the spirit.

The sweetest moments of the season, are the times we share