2021 March Bear of the Month

The 2021 March Bear of the Month was inspired by beautiful roses.

Meet Hortensia, the March 2021 Bear of the Month


The 2021 Violettes Collection celebrates the Violet

Brushed with cheery shades of purple and adorned with sweet violets, uniquely created bears and animals celebrate the fragrance of violettes. Spring greets the skin as butterfly wings greet the air, Warm winds and rain kiss the soil to waken the seeds. The flowers come, each one so delicate yet strong. And in this time of newness our hearts are filled with joy

When Flowers Bloom  so does HOPE

2021 February Bear of the Month

The 2021 February Bear of the Month was inspired by beautiful roses.

Meet Gwen, the February 2021 Bear of the Month

Vintage Valentine

The 2021 Vintage Valentine Collection celebrates Valentine’s day

The loving heart is a gift, not simply to the person who keeps it safe in their heart, but to everyone whose life they touch. Such a heart sends out ripples of love that keep on going in the present and into the future. Fill your heart with love as often as you can, and you will be a blessing to all.

“If there comes a day when we can’t be together, keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever” Winnie the Pooh

2021 January Bear of the Month

The 2021 January Bear of the Month was inspired by the anemone flower.

Meet Charlotte, the January 2021 Bear of the Month

Bear of the Month 2021

The Bear of the Month Collection for 2021 is all about flowers. Every month of 2021 a special bear is created in honor of the flowers we love. A different flower is chosen each month as inspiration for the creation of a new bear.

I must have flowers, always and always. Claude Monet

Hope is the Key

The Hope Collection by Warm Heart was created in support of Cancer Awareness.

Warm Heart Bears supports Ovarian and Breast Cancer Awareness. We try to Give Back by creating special teddy bears, animals and dolls, with a portion of the adoption fee given to Cancer Research. We hope you will consider supporting Ovarian or Breast Cancer Research in some way. Your adoption of one of our special bears would be one way you could help many people. If you would like to see bears, animals and dolls in support of other types of cancer research, please let us know.

Hope is the little voice you hear whisper “maybe”, when it seems the entire world is shouting “NO”