Candy Cane Lane

The Candy Cane Lane Collection celebrates all the sweets of the Christmas Season.

I know a place where the Peppermint moon floats through cotton candy clouds..

Candy Cane Lane is where snowflakes dance upon your nose, and the Sugar-Plum Tree grows. It blooms on the shore of Lollipop Sea, where the starlight shines so brightly. In a garden where the fragrant fir trees sing, the sugar-plum tree bears fruit so wonderfully.

Gumdrop road leads down to Soda Straw Seas, where gummy fishes swim around a ribbon candy reef. Go sailing on a giant spearmint leaf with lollipop paddles, to reach the Sugar Shore. Walk through Cinnamon Woods filled with marshmallows and giant peppermint canes. Pluck candied apples from sparkling trees, or swing on licorice ropes.

Ski down Sundae Slopes where the smell of chocolate is distinct. The land is filled with a million chocolate teddy bears. Some are dark and some are light, some are very, very white. Some are standing six feet tall, And some are very, very small. They are round and thin with frowns and grins. You can even dance with the ones that wear shoes and hats.

Love, lights and beautiful sights, are always found on the candy land streets. As your visit comes to an end, may your visions of sugar-plums bring back memories of Candy Cane Lane.

The sweetest moments of the season are the times we share

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